Coastal Cool-Beachwear-Swimwear-Sustainable-Bikini-Swim Trunks-Vacation

behind the brand

Our Process

Plastic Bottles to Breezy Swim Fabrics

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Our Processes and Craftsmanship

our process

behind the scenes

  • collection

    Collect Used/Recycled Plastic Bottles

  • Wash and Chop

    Bottles into Flakes

  • Formation

    Melt Plastic Flakes to form Chips

  • production

    Melt Chips into Fabric Fibres and Garments

Coastal Cool-Beachwear-Swimwear-Sustainable-Bikini-Swim Trunks-Vacation

Post consumer Recycled ( PCR )


We are dedicated to

capturing the island life

While keeping our vacation destinations, and ocean clean. Enjoying the paradise, while keeping sustainability a priority.

Our 90% composition swimwear garments are crafted from recycled polyester, derived from plastic bottles. This transformative approach reflects a profound commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices, prompting us to scrutinize and revamp our operations.

Our future vision seamlessly aligns with a dedication to quality that spans years of production, ensuring the durability and timeless style of each garment. However, our commitment to modern luxury extends beyond just vacation and leisure wear; it aims to leave a positive impact on both the planet and its people.

We extend an invitation to join us in this endeavor, forging a path towards a more sustainable and responsible future - while enjoying the good times of paradise.

Enjoy the vacation, with us.